Don't just hear what I have to say,  hear from our clients!

"Working with you has been life affirming. Not only am I more confident to lead my team, I am taking much greater care of myself AND my team feels more supported. My Manager has commented I have grown a foot taller in confidence!”  

Claire, Service Manager

"Suzanne you have such a way with people. You gave me so much confidence."

Nikki, Security Manager

"Suzanne's virtual sessions are always highly interactive and meaningful learning takes place."

Michelle, Executive Coach

"I have attended several of Suzanne's webinars and workshops and her personal and caring approach make them very enjoyable as well as informative."

Karen, Project Manager & Coach

"Even though I chose voluntary redundancy, I was unprepared for the psychological impact that it would have- self-doubt and imposter syndrome - I have felt it all! Connecting with Suzanne and others in her workshop has given me the confidence I needed to move forward."

Debbie, Organisational Capability Manager

"I would highly recommend Suzanne if you are looking for outplacement or career transition support."

Rob, Recruitment Director

"Having benefitted from your wisdom and insights, I've never done better."

Jim, Senior Director 

"I feel so much more confident to lead my team and empower them to solve problems and challenges."

Jemma, Lettings Manager

"Another fantastic learning and team session from Suzanne and her wise words and thoughts. Great to hear from the group too for their insights and experiences."

Nigel, HR Business Partner

"You have great passion, determination and resilience, all great qualities for a career coach with a strong desire to help others."

Rob, Head of Regulatory Reporting & MI

"Your support for many people during 2020 has been exceptional and it's been a pleasure to be part of your community through which I have made some great friendships... You have so much knowledge, energy and positivity. You are an inspiration so please keep doing what you are doing."
Glen, Senior Procurement Manager

"I have secured multiple job offers !! Huge thanks Suzanne as I would not be in this position without you."

Rob, Commercial Director

"Suzanne you are so articulate, experienced, sensitive, knowledgeable...thank you. I feel inspired to keep going."  

Melissa, VP, Global Marketing

"I have a greater awareness now of the characteristics of team members; how they differ from others and how to adapt my own leadership style, to develop them further. This will massively benefit me and the company."

Sam, HR Manager

"This programme has been pivotal in helping me understand how I can utilise my strengths and to identify strengths within my team. Sally and Suzanne have created an engaging and valuable course which I would highly recommend."

Ellie, Team Leader

"An in depth knowledge of what people need know and show in what is an ever challenging job market." 

Mark, Operations Head

"You are exceptional at bringing the best out of those you work with and are able to keep people all 'up" when so many would fall down."

Simon, Business Owner & Career Coach

"A big thank you for running the 'resilience through job search' session. I certainly took a lot of pointers from it and made me feel that I am not alone in my job search. Feeling positive."

Katherine, Credit/Process Consultant

"As you have always said, communities win through. What great successes the team have had and so lovely knowing you are not alone on the job search journey. You are always so positive and inspirational."

Becky, Recruitment Director

"I cannot recommend Suzanne enough. She not only has a heart of gold but a breadth of experience, knowledge and passion for helping people in their career."

Rebecca, Business Owner & Coach

"Can I just say what a force you are. I am amazed how generous you are with your energy and experience and all round sunshine!"

Ananda, Strategy Director

"After just one coaching session, I already feel more confident to communicate with my team and adapt my leadership style!”

Mike, Senior Director

"I have just been offered a super role yesterday and you certainly contributed to that outcome through your LinkedIn advice."

Lisa, Senior Programme Manager

"After 17 years with a global company, it was a complete shock to find myself in a redundancy situation. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have the support and training from Suzanne."

Kim, Legal Secretary

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