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I enjoy talking, discussing, giving and sharing my thoughts on redundancy, job search, mindset and leadership.

Here are some media clips, that I was thrilled to be invited to contribute.

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Association for Coaching Podcast

The Association for Coaching (AC) is a leading independent and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practise and raising the awareness and standards of coaching worldwide.  

Redundancy and Redirection 

Suzanne’s coaching has been shaped by her lived experience and drives her passion to prove that redundancy can be reframed as a time of transformation, rather than crisis. Learn what outplacement is, what the process typically involves, the key challenges employees face when redundancy strikes and how to guide clients through this career transition.

Morgan Hunt  Inspiring working lives

Morgan Hunt is multi-award winning UK based recruitment agency providing specialist recruitment services to organisations across the public, private and not for profit sectors. I featured with Morgan Hunt and Mind Mental Health Charity.  

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Because how you say goodbye, is as important as how you say hello.

This eBook contains information about how to prepare and undertake redundancies with compassionately and  compliantly, with information about the consultation process and best practise.

We also discuss the importance of outplacement support, not just to departing employee, but to remaining employees and the wider organisation

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How to deal with rejection in your job search

Rejection features in most people's job search. Sharing here a few tips to help overcome rejection and move on.

Wellbeing & Resilience: Advice for Jobseekers

Featuring Mind Mental Health Charity, here we share tips for your well-being and boosting resilience during a job search.

How to build your personal resilience

Sharing tips to build resilience

Get Ahead by LinkedIn News

I regularly post content on LinkedIn and have been delighted to contribute to several LinkedIn news articles. 

How To Be A Leader in the Workplace

Having leaders equipped with skills to navigate change and lead their people, is so needed right now.

What Is an Employee Wellness Program?

Sharing tips and advice for employers when it comes to employee wellness programmes.

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